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Representing talented children of all ethnicities, from newborns to young adults, as well as families, Carousel Management is an honest, friendly and approachable agency.

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We meet every child we represent and nurture their talent through our regular workshops, allowing us to get to know them so that we are able to best match each individual to the right job.

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We represent talented children of all ethnicities, from newborns to young adults, as well as families. To protect our children, there is no client logon. Please contact us with your requirements.

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Serving the Southeast with a studio in Maidstone, Carousel Management is run by Karen Acott.

With a wealth of experience in the entertainment sector, both as an agent and as the parent of a child who has worked in television, music and print, Karen decided to set up her own agency to bring the personal touch to this fast-paced industry.

Carousel Management represents individuals from newborns to young adults, as well as siblings and families, for television, theatre, modelling, voice-over and Internet campaigns. We believe in building lasting relationships by taking time to get to know those we represent and serve. We meet every child we represent and nurture their talent through our regular workshops, allowing us to get to know them so that we are able to best match each individual to the right job.

If you are a parent looking for representation for your child, please click here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Before making an application to us, it’s very important you read the following:

We submit children for all kinds of roles, including acting, modelling and voice-overs, for television, theatre and Internet campaigns. You can be registered with another agency for modelling and voice-over work, but we are a sole agency for all acting work. Please only apply if you are not already registered with another acting agency.

Most castings take place in London and usually with only 24 hours’ notice, so flexibility is vital. If you live outside London, please consider the amount of travelling and expense involved for you and your child.

Castings for babies and pre-school children usually take place during the day. For school aged children castings are usually held after school, typically from 4:00pm until 6:00pm. However, some engagements can also be at times when your child would normally be at school, and in these situations, you will need to obtain the school's support. If both parents work full-time, please consider who will be available to take your child to castings and jobs.

What happens next?

Once we have received your application we will have a look and get back to you within 10 working days.

If we would like to take your application further, we will invite you to one of our photographic sessions to see how your child reacts in front of the camera.

Are there any up-front fees?

Although we do not charge a joining fee, you will need professional photos to be taken by our in-house photographer, and children aged 4 or older will need to be registered on Spotlight.

The cost of photography is £100, which includes copies of all the photos we decide to use for your child's profile. Once you've applied, successful applicants will be invited to meet us for photos, at which point a £25 deposit is payable to secure your appointment. The balance of £75 is due on the day if we decide to offer your child a place. If we decide your child is not yet ready for representation, no fee is payable and we will refund your deposit. Otherwise deposits are not refundable.

We care a great deal about ensuring we only select suitable children for the industry. A contract with be offered for a period of 12 months.

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is a portal that connects professional performers with casting opportunities around the world. Performers on Spotlight are recognised by agents and casting professionals as the most talented in the industry. That’s why Spotlight is used every day by casting directors looking to find the best performers for their projects, and is a MUST for anyone aged 4 years and over who is serious about acting and modelling. Please take a look at their website www.spotlight.com for further information.

You can only join through an agent and it costs £106 a year. The first year currently needs to be paid in full. Subsequent years can be paid by monthly direct debit.

What happens at a casting?

If your child gets called for a casting, it is likely that other children from other agencies will be there as well. The casting director just wants to meet your child for a few minutes to see if they will be suitable or not. As most casting studios have limited space it is important that there is only one parent per child. Parents, please do not approach or ask any questions of the casting director or their team. Unless spoken to, it is your child who they want to see. Parents of school ages children are usually asked to wait outside whilst their child is seen.

It is very important that you prepare your kids before they go to auditions, so they are aware that there will be lots of other children going along as well, and it doesn’t mean they have the job.

How will I know if the casting was successful?

We usually hear from the casting director within 2-5 days if your child has been chosen for the job. We will let you know as soon as we find out. If you do not hear from us it means that on this occasion your child was unsuccessful. If they do not get the job, let them know that it was not because they were not good enough, it could just be that the other little boy or girl was a little taller, or shorter; not anything to do with what your child did on the day. We do not usually get feedback from castings.

Can you guarantee us work?

Unfortunately, in this industry there are no guarantees and no agency can or should state this. However, we will put your child forward for all assignments that he or she meets the brief for.

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To apply for professional representation with Carousel Management, first read all our frequently asked questions. Then, if you've decided it's for you, please find 3–4 recent home photos.

  • We want to see you! So please, no make-up, hats, sunglasses, food on the face or dummies.
  • Don't use any filters (e.g. Snapchat).
  • Photos showing the child's everyday look are best.
  • Candid photos are often better than posed.

We'll also need:

  • child's name
  • child's date of birth
  • child's height and clothing size
  • parent or guardian's contact details

Finally, send your photos and details to kids@carouselmanagement.co.uk

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Get in Touch


Karen: 07572 929 360



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At Carousel Management, we believe the best way to help our children flourish is to really get to know them. By nurturing their talents, building confidence and skill, we can equip them with the tools they need to succeed.

Throughout the year, we run workshops for children aged 5-16. You're welcome to come along whether or not you are currently represented by us, or perhaps if you are considering joining us and would to see what it's all about. All workshops are run by industry professionals, and cover topics including improvisation, script reading, devising scenes, accents, audition techniques, voice-over skills and acting for camera.

If you're interested, please get in touch.


Theatre School

We are proud to work in partnership with The JPA Academy, who offer inspired, dedicated and fun training to children aged 5–18 in acting, singing and dancing.

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